Oatly are the new Innocent

They might be Swedish but these producers of oat milk – basically verrrrry thin porridge – are getting their writing for British customers bang-on.


This recent 2019 campaign for an ice-cream took over some large sites in London, including this one in Shoreditch. My favourite ad for this campaign – which I didn’t manage to photograph because I shot past it on a bus – was a huge billboard featuring just a photo of the tub and the usual handwritten-style shouty-capitals saying, “There must be some health benefits. Our research team are on this.”


Photo: Marketing Week

This campaign (a few years ago) was genius. Simple, memorable, provocative.

The words printed on the cartons make the buyer feel part of something anarchistic and fun. The ‘Wow no cow” strapline is so easy, as if it was lying in wait for a product to pick it up.


Surely Oatly have a British writer or agency working for them. Only this ad – seen here placed at a bus stop – sounds like a Swede wrote it. But it’s Oatly… maybe that was entirely deliberate…?