Culture Trip – Editor

Hello Culture Trip

I love what you’re doing and where you’re going – I hope you’ll find my CV, experience and personality a good fit for your expanding team.

I’m a freelance writer/editor/content producer with 17 years’ professional experience, full BBC journalism training and linguistics qualifications.

Why would I be a great candidate for the role?

  • I tick every one of your boxes for ‘desired skills and experience’.
  • I’d come to you with oodles of knowledge and experience.
  • I’m speedy, reliable and cheerful – the type of freelancer clients use again and again.
  • And I’m enthusiastic about the content you’re creating – my natural curiosity means I love to travel, to get to know new people and to keep learning.

What my CV doesn’t say

My CV (attached to the email) sets out the facts – but here’s a little more to explain some choices I’ve made…

I started out in educational publishing (innovative fun revision guides for CGP) and then moved to the BBC as an online journalist. For both these roles, the bread-and-butter of the job was 100% accurate copywriting with snappy headlines and engaging images.

Then I combined education with journalism at the Royal Shakespeare Company, producing multimedia resources for teachers, which grew to include behind-the-scenes content for all audiences. I set up the social media accounts for the RSC ( and, obsessed about correct (but not formal/pompous/waffly) English usage and was a pioneer of multimedia content.

To fund-raise for my dream of owning a home in Spain, I moved into financial services – I wrote and edited for the lovely people at Coventry Building Society for three years, overhauling their tone-of-voice guide, training staff in writing, and rewriting/editing thousands of letters, emails and webpages.

I bought my Valencian bolt-hole on Black Friday 2016. I’m now keen to return to what I love doing – writing and editing creative copy, explaining things clearly, helping and inspiring people.

A note about WordPress…

I’ve been using WordPress for over 10 years.
My professional site is powered by WordPress:
And so are my travel blogs eg: Spain
and Sri Lanka:
I set up WordPress sites for others and train them how to use it. I’ve also run workshops at Cheltenham and Stratford Literary Festivals in ‘Writing for the web’ and ‘How to be a brilliant blogger’.


I hope you’ve found this interesting. Hop back to the email for my availability and rates. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to hear from you soon.