I get most of my work through word-of-mouth and here are some of the words-from-the-mouths (well, usually emails) of my clients:

‘Many thanks for all your brilliant work and attention to detail on this – really nice to be working with a fab and efficient professional who can both advise and ‘do’!’
Melanie, RSC Education

‘Again Paul, I am impressed by the beneficial effect that your Ms Worthington has had on our document, thanks for suggesting her.’
Julian, INEOS

‘I’ve just been reading the article as it will be in the magazine. I must say I am very impressed by your ability to turn a fairly boring topic into something very interesting to read. Everyone in the office agrees and I hear Paul [Managing Partner] was very pleased with it.’
Nick, Zyda Law

‘The Non Technical Summary now reads like a non-technical summary.’
Julian, INEOS ChlorVinyls

‘Thank you Sooze! It’s so good having you around!’
Tracy, RSC Education

‘Wow, thanks Sooze! What a professional.’
Sue, Ace High Enterprises

‘You are a model of efficiency and organisation.’
Andie, GTI Media

‘Sooze, you are a thing of legends!’
Elvi, RSC Education team

More coming soon…