Writing for the web is just like writing for print, right? Wrong!
Many people spend time and money making their website look good – without paying attention to the words. Your website might look great, but if the text is a turn-off, your readers will surf elsewhere.

I create workshops for organisations based on their needs – from a one-hour taster to a full day of training. It’s collaborative – all training is discussed in advance to make sure it’s exactly what you need and the exercises use existing written material and/or topics of interest to the trainees. To find out more, contact me.

My public workshops at literary festivals are ideal for individuals who blog, tweet or write online (or aspire to). In the two or three hour session, you’ll learn the insider’s tricks and try them out in plenty of written exercises.

You’ll explore how writing for the web is different, how to avoid the pitfalls and how to create sparkly content to grab the attention of online readers.

And if you’ve not got around to creating that blog or website yet, the writing tips should get you motivated.

All workshops operate free from technology clutter – so you just need to bring pens and paper, and/or your laptop if you prefer typing to writing (internet connection not required). Workbooks are provided which contain notes, exercises and useful links.

Here’s what people have said about my workshops:
‘Very good workshop – very well delivered!’
‘It was good to get individual feedback in the workshop’
‘Really enjoyable and informative – loved the lively tutor’
‘Excellent workshop, booklet will be handy reference’
‘Brilliant, can’t wait to get stuck into my blog!’
[Online review] ‘Suzanne Worthington’s workshop was engaging and fun, with plenty of quick exercises designed to turn turgid prose into sparkling web content.’