I teach yoga and meditation. Students tell me my style is clear, calm and warm; making sure everyone enjoys a safe and fun practice.

I’ve experienced and witnessed many benefits so my enthusiasm comes from the heart. And my background in science and academic study means my approach involves plenty of brain too.

Guiding a class, my role is to pass on what I’ve learned from my teachers as best I can. That means I open up yoga for all abilities and I encourage you to form your own practice.

What and where?

I teach in Stratford-upon-Avon, Coventry and around the Midlands.
Locations include:

  • Stratford Leisure Centre
  • Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Coventry Building Society
  • Sanctus Street Studio, Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Om&Bass festival, Oxfordshire
  • The Zen Shed, Bromsgrove

Are you a yoga teacher looking for cover while you’re away?
I’m available to cover classes in these styles:

  • Beginners
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Flow / Dynamic / Power
  • Open / Hatha / Slow Flow
  • Office Yoga (lunchtime ‘Unwind’ sessions in ordinary work clothes)
  • Meditation

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Why teach?

I started leading yoga (asana classes) years ago, so my fellow yogis could continue their practice if our teachers couldn’t make it. Starting to teach like this makes you realise how much more you need to learn.

Encouraged by my teachers, I took the RYT 200-hour qualification here in the UK, graduating with camyoga in November 2016.

My practice

I’ve practised yoga since 2010, usually Ashtanga Vinyasa. I had no interest before that, happy to swim, run and lift weights, with meditation giving me all the headspace and relaxation I needed. I first tried yoga when my employer (RSC) set up free classes, thinking I’d hate it. But yoga takes many forms and the stereotype in my head was shattered by Ben Beswick’s strong and disciplined Ashtanga Vinyasa approach.

I don’t live for yoga but it helps me live better. I have a damaged shoulder and defective hip. Yoga sorts that. I spend long hours writing at a computer. Yoga sorts that. I find English winters depressing. Yoga sorts that. And so on.

I’m grateful to and inspired by my teachers, in particular Ben for passing on the Ashtanga Primary Series, plus Peter Hodder, Jana Czipin, Veronica Winter and Ambra Vallo. And at camyoga: Bev Nolan, Rachael Moore and Tiffany Thorne.


Since 2004 (four years after starting my own practice) I’ve been teaching and guiding meditation classes in various settings, including businesses, yoga workshops, festivals and networking groups.

I’m fortunate to have found superb clear Buddhist teachers but the meditations I lead for yoga and organisations are entirely secular, focused on relaxation, mindfulness and clarity.

I can teach you or your colleagues different meditation techniques to explore ways to cope with stress, think clearly, find lasting inner peace or simply sleep better.

Good to know: my insurance for teaching yoga covers meditation too.

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As you can see from the rest of this website, my ‘day job’ is writing and editing, but my own meditation and yoga practice are essential for everything else I do. Being physically well, better able to think clearly, and calm in a crisis – yoga makes me a better employee/contractor.